Sourcing the finest produce from around the world

Mill Associates Ltd works closely with growers and suppliers worldwide, sourcing the finest produce from across the world to ensure an all year round availability for our customers. Efficient transportation of quality produce is vital. To make this process work for our customers we have built up extensive commercial links with importers and handling companies, in the UK and abroad, to ensure efficient delivery at destinations requested by clients.

Mill Associates staff will monitor the progress of orders from source to delivery 7 days a week and can provide updates on request.


From the rich alluvial soil of Naples, Italy produces an abundance of fresh produce. Situated adjacent to the Mediterranean, with the mountains behind, here there are excellent growing conditions and it is from this region that a wide variety of fresh herbs can be sourced for our clients from expert growers. Italian product, in addition to that of large scale Spanish operations and specialist French growers, are a valuable supply base for Mill Associates.


Africa: Kenya.

Mill Associates Ltd has close ties with Africa, especially in Kenya, and Ethiopia. These enterprises, built up over a number of years, started out as rose farms, established by families who have worked hard to increase acreage and to implement good agricultural practice to meet the requirements of our clients. These emerging businesses are keen to develop and grow and Mill Associates supports them, providing advice, resources and investment. This commitment to our growers and their commitment to growth enables us to respond to demand and in many cases specific products can be programmed for individual clients. This flexibility makes our service second to none.


Africa: Ethiopia.

In Ethiopia we are proud to be partners with one of the best growers of Chives. Our clients request this product on a regular basis and consider it to be the finest. Chives are grown here on a farm of 40.4 hectares of fertile land with plenty of water and similar climatic conditions throughout the year, at the foot of the Menagesha mountain.

The altitude of 2,600m ensures high UV levels which contribute to the growth and quality of the product. All activities on the farm are controlled, monitored and documented according to Global Gap and HACCP. The policy of our farms is always to grow and supply, quality and safe products and the workers here are highly professional and committed to the farm and its success.

Central America.

Central America is one of the most biodiverse regions for agriculture and the production continues to expand, supported by the government development plans. The mountainous nature of much of the territory, and the climatic variations, support an unusually wide range of products. The rich volcanic soils, coupled with high UV levels and low pest populations, means that it produces herbs with the highest essential oil flavours. Mill Associates is able to source product from the region throughout the year.

Central America

United Kingdom.

Here at home in the UK there are many growers committed to quality production. The variety of soil and growing conditions enables us to take advantage of the sandy soil of East Anglia to access product early in the season from well-established growers. Mill Associates also works with farms on trial and development projects with producers in Kent to identify new products and updated growing techniques that could become mainstream in the future.

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