What we do

We supply the very best fresh produce available.

Mill associates Ltd sources the very best produce, ethically grown and available from a variety of growers across the world. Our experience, product knowledge and access to our farms in UK, Ethiopia and Kenya and to our partners in Italy, Spain, Jordan and many others across Europe, enables us to locate produce throughout the seasons, giving clients the opportunity to programme their supply requirements with us.

Once the product is sourced, our team works to provide an efficient supply chain, tailor made to safeguard the product during transit. and to minimise travelling, all of which is part of our dedication to providing an excellent service to our customers.

Basil plantation
Global partnership

We develop global partnerships.

We have worked with many of our clients and suppliers for several years, building commercial links that enable us to fine tune products for specific clients. Where we have identified the potential of a young farm, we work to support that enterprise, wherever it may be across the world, with guidance for good agricultural practice and accreditations, technical advice, audits and finance. Regular auditing ensures that our product meets the high standards of our clients and the specific specifications required.

The development of new markets for Fresh Herbs is also integral to our business and we welcome discussions about new ventures.

We implement good agricultural practice.

All our producers have Global G.A.P Certification for Producers. This is the recognised international standard for farm production that acknowledges safe and sustainable agricultural production to the benefit of the environment and of everyone involved in the supply chain, including workers and consumers.

The standard demands efficiency in production, reduction in the waste of vital resources and the implementation of sustainable farm and business practices to ensure that all product is produced, packed and handled with minimum risk.

Mill Associates is committed to the continual development of standards in the industry and close consultation with the growers and Mill Associates ‘technical team’ assures their implementation. In a bid to develop standards further across the sector, Mill Associates supports any applications for further accreditation at all times.

Good practice

We provide complete traceability.

As part of our commitment to Good Agricultural Practice and our Customers, Mill Associates has developed a comprehensive system of procedures for traceability. The journey from source to client is documented in detail. This paper trail is also supported with the use of temperature recorders in consignments and inspections of the produce at stages during transit. In addition, our regular updates on the progress of consignments provide the client with relevant information.

We provide efficient service.

Our commitment to providing an efficient service to our customers is at the heart of Mill Associates’ ethos. We take time to get to know the requirements of our clients and to understand the specifications required in order to source product that meets the high standards of our clients.

Weekly information and updates on the availability of product, together with weather and holiday information that could affect supply, are all part of the service we offer and our team continues to work, throughout the product’s journey, to ensure a smooth passage for the product to its destination.

Our proven traceability procedures are essential in giving the client the assurance also that, should they require any specific information, it will be provided from our detailed records.


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